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Welcome to Light Living! 

My name is Valentina Cereda, and I’m the founder of Light Living, a community that offers solutions to create low electromagnetic field (EMF) environments, and promotes a healthy living in our homes and offices. 

Working as an Interior Architect for many years, I have been fascinated to experience and apprehend how the spaces we use on a daily basis can influence our life, behavior and health.

This is the reason why I founded Energy & Space, which is an architectural consulting agency that provides holistic design services by integrating the art of design with ancient spiritual techniques and natural frequencies, to improve the energy of our built environment. 

These disciplines include Classical Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Biogeometry, and Geopathic Stress & Land Energy assessments, which tackle the environmental and subtle energies (Qi) that can support our life and improve wellbeing. 

Soon after I realized that other invisible man-made frequencies (EMF) and toxins are present in our homes and offices, which needed to be addressed as they affect our health, wellbeing and energy levels. 

Hence I founded Light Living, which focuses on Building Biology and EMF, to help people creating healthy spaces and lifestyles, using technology in a safer way.  


Meet Some of Our Clients
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