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Building Biology & EMF New Construction

We provide professional EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Building Biology consultations, to help you build a healthy home or office , implementing  protocols to design and build your space with healthy electrical and data systems, as well as non-toxic materials, from paint to flooring to mechanical and plumbing systems.

This service provides an individualized consultation covering healthy wiring in new home and office design and construction, as well as remodeling, all for the purpose of eliminating or reducing potential EMF exposure and toxic materials coming from paints, flooring types, adhesives, furniture, water and MEP systems. 

​The initial consultation includes a discussion first with the homeowners to learn their specific needs relative to avoiding EMFs in the new or remodeled home. EMFs are explained, as well as where they come from, how they affect health, and how we avoid them in new construction. Based upon this discussion, a healthy electrical wiring protocol is generated for the clients, architect, builder and electrical contractor.

​The  consultation includes:

-Home/Office inspection to measure electromagnetic fields on the plot of land;

-Discussion  with the homeowners to learn their specific needs and requirements;

-Comprehensive report including healthy protocols for client, architect and builder/contractors;

-Follow-up consultation to answer questions;

-Once the home will be built and the mitigation strategies and shielding have been implemented, the EMF

levels will be re-measured in each room. Assistance during installation of shielding materials can also be provided.

For information on rates and availability, please contact us.

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