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EMF Online Consultation

We provide professional online EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Building Biology consultations, and recommend mitigation strategies to improve sleep and wellbeing.

With a phone/video consultation, we can identify areas in your home with high EMF levels, and recommend mitigation strategies to improve health and reduce the body exposure to the invisible frequencies.

We can identify specific EMF factors you need to be aware in your environment and proved easy-to-understand recommendations to help lower your unintended exposure to EMF radiation.

After filling out our detailed questionnaire, the video consultation will be arranged, which can range from one to three hours, depending on home size and specific concerns, and we will provide email support to answer additional questions.

The floor plan of the home and photos are to be sent in advance. If home-use EMF meters are available at the client's house, this would help  develop a mitigation plan. The follow-up by phone and email is included in the fee.

The cost for the online consultation is 450 AED/hour - 120 US dollars/hour. 

Please contact us to book the online consultation, and receive the questionnaire. 

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