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EMF New Home Inspections in Dubai

We provide professional EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Building Biology consultations, using state-of-the art equipment to diagnose your EMF levels and overall health of homes and plot of land for potential purchases or rental. 

Designed for those considering rental or purchase of a home, we provide valuable information about internal and external levels of EMF and RF found onsite, mold and air quality. 

The new home consultation includes:

-Home or plot of land  visit to measure all external and internal electromagnetic fields, potential mold quality and air quality;

-Comprehensive report including EMF levels and recommendations


This includes an evaluation of electric, magnetic, radio frequency and dirty electricity field exposure for those who want to move to an existing home or apartment, or for whom is looking to buy a plot of land. 

Radiations from cell towers, power lines and homes/buildings located close to the house or plot of land will be assessed, to determine whether it is safe and worth purchasing, or simply if the EMF are not too high so that they can be easily shielded. 


2022 Price list:

-One hour EMF Inspection = 990 AED + 5% VAT

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