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Welcome to Light Living!

We provide professional EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Building Biology consultations, using state-of-the art equipment to diagnose your EMF levels and overall health of your home or office space.  

EMF Home Inspections

Having your home measured by an EMF consultant is the best way to ensure a healthy, low-EMF lifestyle, as EMF sources are part of our daily life.

We will identify the major sources of EMFs in your space and help you create a plan to minimize them for better health.

EMF Online Consultation

With a phone/video consultation, we can identify areas in your home with high EMF levels, and recommended mitigation strategies to improve health and reduce the body exposure to the invisible frequencies.

EMF Office Inspections

The office inspection will give you valuable information about the levels of EMF employees are exposed to, with the aim to reduce EMF exposure to improve wellbeing, concentration and productivity. 

EMF New Home Inspection

Designed for those considering rental or purchase of a home, we provide valuable information about internal and external levels of EMF and RF found onsite.

EMF Seminars

Many people do not realize how the built-environment can affect our health and energy levels.

We provide insightful workshops, both online and in person, to create awarness and valuable information about EMF, including scientific research and case studies.

Building Biology & EMF
New Construction

We help you design and build a healthy home or office, implementing protocols to design your space with low EMF pollution, as well as non toxic materials.

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