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Office Inspections in Dubai

We provide professional EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Building Biology consultations, using state-of-the art equipment to diagnose your EMF levels and overall health of your office, mold and air quality, to improve employees wellbeing, productivity and happiness.  

The office inspection will give you valuable information about the levels of EMF employees are exposed to, with the aim to reduce EMF exposure to improve wellbeing, concentration and productivity. 

The inspection of your office and of each employee working space will be conducted with professional EMF meters, to identify the main sources of electromagnetic fields and propose mitigation strategies.

We will identify the major sources of EMFs in your space and help you create a plan to minimize them for better health and wellness in the office environment. 

The office consultation includes:

-Office inspection to measure all electromagnetic fields, mold and air quality;

-Comprehensive report including findings, mitigation strategies and shielding methods;

-Follow-up phone consultation to answer questions;

-Follow-up inspection to measure EMF levels after mitigation strategies and shielding have been implemented. 

The electromagnetic radiations tested and the equipment used to take the measurements are listed below:

-AC Electric Fields –  Produced by the presence of appliances electricity. Their strength is determined by voltage; the higher the voltage or number of sources, the stronger the field. Some models of computer screens, printers and office appliances have very high electric fields, which affect concentration levels and increase fatigue.

Equipment Used – Gigahertz Solutions - NFA1000

-AC Magnetic Fields – Any device or appliance that consumes electricity will produce an AC Magnetic Field. The intensity or strength of the magnetic field is directly related to the power consumption of the device.

Equipment Used – Gigahertz Solutions - NFA1000

-Radio Frequency - They are a core component of our wireless communication infrastructure. These high energy, airborne waves, are capable of traveling miles, and include 5G technology.

Equipment Used – HFE59B Radio Frequency Analyzer

-Dirty Electricity - Spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy traveling along power lines and building wiring where only standard 50/60 Hertz AC electricity should be.

Equipment Used – Stezter Meter and DE filters

For information on rates and availability, please contact us.

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